Monday 24 February, 2020

Pictures of puppies may lead to a happier marriage

Puppies help

Puppies help

If you are looking for happiness in your marriage, pictures of puppies just might save the day. 

A new study in Psychological Science said that cute animals could hold the key to making your relationship happy.

The researchers from Florida State University have discovered that when people view happy stimuli, such as pictures of bunnies and puppies, it puts them in a more positive mood which leads to a more harmonious relationship.

The study examined whether directly altering affective associations involving a relationship partner through evaluative conditioning can lead to changes in relationship satisfaction.

One hundred and forty-four married couples were asked to view a brief stream of images once every three days for six weeks. Spouses who viewed their partners paired with positive stimuli demonstrated more positive automatic partner attitudes than did control spouses, and these attitudes predicted increased self-reported marital satisfaction over time.

The abstract to the study, conducted by lead researcher James K. McNult, said these results provide novel evidence for a mechanism of change in relationship satisfaction, represent a step toward documenting how strong attitudes can evolve through passive exposure to information, and suggest novel avenues for relationship interventions.

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