Monday 30 November, 2020

Pizzazz Fusion: Celebrating life through food with a Jamaican twist

A recent addition to the menu is the Pizzazz Style House Special Chop Suey served at Pizzazz Fusion. (Photos: Contributed)

A recent addition to the menu is the Pizzazz Style House Special Chop Suey served at Pizzazz Fusion. (Photos: Contributed)

Delectable flavours, sumptuous ingredients, and vibrant décor makes fine dining at Pizzazz Fusion in Jamaica, a treat for the typical foodie.

But, there’s nothing typical about the ambiance and fare at Discovery Bay’s newest hotpsot.

Attractive meals and great service, coupled with an awe-inspiring view – complements of a bay window in the middle of the space – make up the ingredients of this garden parish gem.

For some geological perspective, Pizzazz Fusion is less than two minutes away from Dolphin Cove in Puerto Seco Beach.

The restaurant was opened on March 1, and was able to withstand the test of lockdown and other COVID-related challenges.

However, now that the lockdown measures have relaxed, Pizzazz Fusion principal Carey Yee hopes to maximise the restaurant’s true potential.

With freshly made gourmet offerings served daily, customer satisfaction is key and many have lauded the experience and tasty fare offered there.

And, each customer is made to feel ‘extra special’, Yee told Loop Lifestyle, adding that they do not sacrifice quantity for quality at Pizzazz Fusion.

Fine-dining selections are available from an ‘international menu with a Jamaican twist’, which provides, among other specialties, Italian and Mexican dishes.

‘Our menu mirrors that of any international cuisine offering. We use fresh ingredients in all our foods, and everything is plant based. We also offer vegan food,’ he said.

Gourmet burgers, and seafood dishes are all made to order and freshly prepared. But, along with vegan pastas, pizzas are the most requested.

‘There is a [running] dare: A Tackle and Defeat Challenge. The dare is to eat a 24-inch pizza, and if you [finish] in the time allotted, the meal is free, if not you have to pay for the value of the pizza,’ Yee said.

There’s also a take-out menu in addition to fine dining options. Orders are dispatched between 10 am and 5 pm, while fine dining is reserved for the hours of 5-9 pm.

Winos are likely to appreciate the 12 noon start time for the in-house wine bar.

‘We give an experience versus the ordinary take-out/curb-side pick-up…we offer a taste of Jamaican fine dining,’ a feature Yee believes is missing from the North Coast town of Discovery Bay.

‘We are the only fine dining restaurant in the area. We can seat up to 30 persons in any one sitting. We also offer catering services, host wedding receptions, birthday parties, and even personalised dining,’ he added.

Yee, along with co-owner Carlos Cummings are responsible for Pizzazz Fusion’s zest, aims for total customer satisfaction.

To this end, Yee announced that they’re in the process of improving the overall look of the restaurant.

‘We will be adding upgrades including a lounge and a [designated] VIP area, among other promotional activities.’

Currently, personalised dining is available to customers who elect to have their own servers and a VIP table – a feature that’s mostly requested for special celebratory events.

Pizzazz Fusion can be found at Gary’s Plaza, Dairy Road in Discovery Bay, St Ann in Jamaica. 

Will you try it on your next trip to the Land of Wood and Water and now Pizzazz?

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