Saturday 28 November, 2020

PJ says: 7 Things women want... but are afraid to tell guys

Mel Gibson starred in the film 'What women want'.

Mel Gibson starred in the film 'What women want'.

Women want men to know them better.

But everyone isn't actor Mel Gibson in 'What Women Want', so we chatted with Paula Jackman to find out what she and her female listeners wish men knew about women.

Here are seven things women want men to do without them having to tell them:

  1. She wants you to do some barbering below the belt - some extra manscaping.
  2. Speaking of below the belt… she doesn’t want you to mix matters below hers.
  3. She wants you to plan date night sometimes – and include a surprise or two.
  4. She wants you to introduce her to your people.
  5. She wants you to be a little jealous but not Ike Turner jealous.
  6. She wants you to have healthy relationships with all your friends regardless of gender, even your exes. But she needs you to defend her to the ones who disrespect her.
  7. She wants you to not act like chivalry is the same as upholding the patriarchy.

What else do you wish men would do for women? Comment and tell us.

Who is Paula Jackman (PJ)?

Paula Anne Jackman is a Barbadian woman who defines herself by her loves – God, the Arts and all things Bajan are top of that list. She’s an Independent Marketing consultant with over fifteen years’ experience and a radio show host on Y 103.3 FM. She also writes as therapy.

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