Tuesday 25 February, 2020

VIDEO: 'Pleasant' man died along lonely regular trek to family

Alwin Gooding's home

Alwin Gooding's home

The body of Alwin Gooding was found in the bushes between his home in Hopefield Development and his brother and aunt's home over in Factory Road. The neighbourhood is Charnocks, Christ Church.

According to his young cousin who lived next door to his home: "He was a pleasant man. He never get in anything with anybody."



With banana trees, sorrel bushes and other fruit trees along with herbs planted in front of his home, Alwin could be found working in the ground at any time. "He always used to be out here in this ground. From out here he'd go by his brother, if not by his brother he would be up by his mother," she said, pointing to the cultivated plot of land that ran along in front of his home, hers and his mother's house. The three family homes are side-by-side.

Asked about the day of the incident when the body of her 52-year-old relative was found along a bushy path that he trekked frequently, she said: "He was actually going there by his brother." The walk between the two houses would not take long usually, but it is a rocky track with no houses along it and quite lonely with trees and overgrown wild bushes.

The homes are about 15 minutes walk apart, or less than five-minutes driving. The body of Alwin was discovered around 3:35 pm on Sunday, November 25, by a passerby.

Alwin did not have any children, however, he leaves his mother, brothers, cousins, nieces and nephews to mourn his unexpected passing. His mother was not home when LOOP visited the area today.



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