Friday 6 December, 2019

PM: Barbados' economy and society can be restored by 2025

The Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Amor Mottley has, in essence, asked Barbadians to give her two terms to fix the economy, society and restore pride and industry.

She said that her administration cannot get the job overnight and neither is five years enough.

With a target of 2025 in mind, Prime Minister Mottley said:

“We can’t do it overnight and we knew it and we saw the signs breaking down on us […]

“We can’t recover a lost decade in 10 months or even in five years. We’re not gonna fool the people of this country.

“We’re gonna try for seven, and when we make it to the seven and we recover what we lost in seven, we would be feeling almost like Usain Bolt.”

Tackling multiple challenges which were inherited, she said that an absence of reliable data across institutions is the hardest battle facing the current administration. She stressed that they are “using this time to build back up the data because it requires sound data to make good policy decisions.

“So 2025 has to be the date for the nation! 2025 has to be that time that we set ourselves as the point by which we not only recover but we, in fact, have moved on from the decade that we have now lost.”

She was delivering her six-hour Budget 2019/2020 speech in the Lower House, today, Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

So to Bajans, using the analogy of an ill relative who is on a course of antibiotics but is starting to feel better, she issued comforting words, “Hold tight! It won’t be much longer. Take the medicine. Stay the course. All will be well, but YOU.HAVE.TO.STAY.THE.COURSE!

“And that is my simple, simple, simple, simple message to Barbadians.”

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