Tuesday 26 May, 2020

PM Mottley: Barbados can only be 'as good as we make it'

'We Gatherin' at River Bay St Lucy

'We Gatherin' at River Bay St Lucy

-by Keisha Thompson 

Prime Minister, Mia Mottley has called on all Barbadians who "have their navel string buried" in Barbados to come home for 2020. 

 "Whether you are coming from far or whether you are coming from close, this is intended for us to be able to make connections with our family, our schools, our churches, our cricket clubs that you grew up with, our dance groups, our cultural groups, all of the things that helped shape you, or nurtured you, or molded you.”

In her address to the those who trekked to River Bay, St Lucy on New Year's Day, Mottley made an impassioned plea for Barbadians to be their "brother’s keeper", reminding them “It takes a village to raise to a child but it takes a nation to save a family.”

“As you make that connection again, this country can only go to the next level when many hands make light work. This country is best when we take people from all different backgrounds and we come together.”

The Prime Minister went on to outline how the year-long celebrations which she said would have a positive cascading effect on the country and its citizens. She said the message could not only exist at the national level but it needed to permeate ‘the byways, the highways and the nooks and crannies" throughout the island.

“My, friends, this is our country, this is our Barbados and it will be as good as we make it.” 

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