Monday 13 July, 2020

PM Skerrit: Stop attacking PM Mottley

(File Photo)

(File Photo)

Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, has issued a statement calling on Dominicans to “cease and desist from the unwarranted verbal attacks on the Government and Prime Minister of Barbados and by extension on all Barbadians”. 

Skerrit’s statement comes in light of comments about Ross University’s relocation from Dominica to Barbados, urging his people to “abstain from misdirecting our energies into instigating island wars”. 

 The US-based University announced earlier this month, that it was moving its operation out of Dominica due to issues resulting from the passage of two weather systems which did significant infrastructural  damage to the campus.  

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Skerrit said the relationship between Barbados and Dominica is “longstanding and amicable” and Barbados has always been willing to come to the aid of Dominica in the past. 

“Lest we forget, when we were at the mercies of the IMF in 2002, seeking to correct the financial mismanagement of the country by the UWP Government, it was the Government of Barbados who first assisted us with a loan of US$10 million on concessional terms. At that time, this was a lifesaver for our country and Prime Minister Mia Mottley was a member of that Government.” 

He reminded Dominicans that Barbados also came to their aid after Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria, raising funds and securing food supplies.  

He stressed that Ross’ closure would not be the end of Dominica and there are ongoing discussions between Ross and the government of Dominica and he is confident it will result in benefits for the country.  

Skerrit highlighted two occasions when international investors pulled out from Dominica, Colgate Palmolive in 2016 and the closure of a call center 14 years ago. He said other investments came along to replace those and often resulted in increased business and employment opportunities for the country.  

He said being “negative and gloating on setbacks” will benefit no one and urged Dominicans to focus instead on rebuilding the nation.  



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