Tuesday 26 May, 2020

Police chase results in stay at Psychiatric Hospital

After breaking traffic rules and leading police on a short chase through the heart of Bridgetown, a 48-year-old man ended up charged with two offences.

Shawn Aden Hinds, 48, of Rock Close, Wildey, St Michael, pleaded guilty to the two charges: failing to comply with a no entry traffic sign and failing to stop at the sound of a siren.

The facts give a picture of what led to the charges against Hinds.

On July 13, a policeman was travelling along Broad Street towards Trafalgar Street when he saw Hinds behind the wheel of a vehicle. When the officer approached the junction of Prince William Henry Street, Hinds was travelling in a northern direction towards Broad Street. There was a problem with Hinds' route of choice.

He was travelling a one way road which required traffic to travel from Broad Street to Parry Street. Hinds disregarded the no entry traffic sign at the junction of  Prince William Henry Street and Parry Street. 

The policeman signalled to Hinds to stop, but he continued onto Broad Street. The sirens were activated but Hinds made his way to Shepherd Street.

When he finally brought the vehicle to a halt, the policeman exited the unmarked police jeep and approached the vehicle Hinds was operating.

Hinds pressed his foot on the accelerator and made off again with the officer back on his heels with the siren blazing.

Another unmarked police vehicle then came to his colleague's assistance and they boxed in Hinds by the stoplights in Trafalgar Street.

However, Hinds only ignored the presence of the officers further as he had his windows and doors locked. As if this was not enough to show officers that he would not be complying, Hinds began eating his food from a styrofoam container.

The officers were then able to force open the passenger window of the car and apprehend him. He was taken to Central Police Station.

He was then brought before the court on Saturday and remanded to the Psychiatric Hospital until August 3.


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