Saturday 20 April, 2019

Police cracking down on illegal vending in Van Stand

Members of the RBPF and officials of Transport and Works ministry.

Members of the RBPF and officials of Transport and Works ministry.

The issue of illegal vending has once again reared its head in the River Terminal and has caught the attention of members of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF). 

During a police walkthrough of the City River Van Stand in Bridgetown St Michael Senior Superintendent Euklyn Thompson told Loop News a serious concern was the behaviour of drivers and conductors while on the job.  

“It's a problem that people come and set up everywhere and there is also the problem in Swan Street and other areas within the walls of the City. You just come and set up shop and you couldn’t care if you were doing so lawfully or otherwise, now that is a problem,” he said.

Barbados, is to be promoted as an orderly society and a tourist-oriented place Thompson explained.  

“If we are to be promoting these things then we would need people to respond in a decent way.” 

He added the adults were those misbehaving more so than school children. 

“Our job is not to make people uncomfortable but to ensure an orderly society,” he said. Thompson added that though the Police officers were outnumbered they were managing.  

“Swan Street is again getting out of hand. We may say that this is not the right time but we know that we cannot leave Swan Street out of hand. We know from our investigations that a lot of illegal vending is going on there as well,” he added. 

One vendor said he believed the small artisans should be warned before they are told to move. 

“I believe we should know what type of procedure should be put in place so we would know how we can still make money for our family and not stop them just like that. They should give us time before they make us move,” the drinks vendor said. 

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