Friday 5 June, 2020

Police: Passengers must disembark while PSVs refuel

The Royal Barbados Police Force is sending a stern warning to drivers and operators of public service vehicles (PSV).

This caution comes from Sergeant Seibert Johnson, as he spoke to Loop News about challenges police continue to face on our roads.

One issue of particular concern is the practice of passengers staying in a vehicle while PSVs are refuelling:

"It is an offence to fill a vehicle up with petrol or whatever fuel while passengers are onboard.

"Under the laws of Barbados, any public service vehicle filling up at the service station must ensure that passengers disembark while this is being done."

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Stressing that this measure is in place for the safety of all persons, he urged commuters not just to exit the vehicle, but to move away from the pumping station:

"When they disembark from the vehicle they are standing next to the pump - that is defeating the situation, since if there is a fire they are in danger. 

"Persons should stand at a safe distance away from that vehicle while it is being fueled - do not stand next to the pump."

He also had this message for parents and guardians:

"Parents when you go into service stations sometimes the little ones are at the back playing with tablets, etc. - that is just as bad as using a cell phone.

"For the safety of everybody, the workers, the parents and the children, do not allow little ones use these gadgets while the vehicle is getting fuel at the service station. Please pay close attention to what your children are doing, especially the ones at the back."

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