Tuesday 20 August, 2019

Police stop minibus following up on tip

Screengrab from the video of this morning's scene along Black Rock Main Road.

Screengrab from the video of this morning's scene along Black Rock Main Road.

One or two students were searched this morning when a minivan was stopped along Black Rock Main Road by members of the Royal Barbados Police Force.

Police Public Relations Officer, Acting Inspector, Rolland Cobbler told Loop News:

“Police received some sort of information this morning about some schoolboy in possession of a knife. They stopped the van along Black Rock Road but they didn’t find any weapons… They didn’t find any weapons as far as I was told, no.”

He said that they were informed that the subject in question got on board the van, and they stopped it around 9:00 am, “probably searched the two boys, but no knife was found.”

Many persons on social media were concerned when photos of the minivan stopped along the Black Rock Road in the vicinity of the Shell gas station started circulating. Persons were calling it a random stop and search. However, people were purporting that knives were found.

Persons in the comments on a video taken of the scenario this morning, Thursday, February 8, 2018, have been commending the police for taking a stance, while others want more to be done.

Katherine Selman Roach said, "Well done officers this should be done everyday"

Allene Collins added, "Hands up to the police. I will always check my kids bags ."

Melanie Tull also agreed to parents checking their children’s bags too. She commented:

“I at this point think it’s time we stop pointing fingers at who is to blame, cause something is seriously wrong. I as a child could not bring home nothing belong to anybody, cause my grand father woulda had my a** roast. Before i leave home he would check what i got. Here we have children with knives in bags.”

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Though police confirmed that no knives were found despite social media reporting otherwise, one mother demonstrated why the searches may be necessary indeed, and across the board in relation to all school children.

Melissa Knight said, “And this mentality is from primary school too.i heard a class 3 student at my son school say that when he goes to secondary school he walking with he sword and knife.”

Meanwhile, Sophia Sandiford sees today’s stop and search as the way forward. “This is what they need evry since before sum one loose a life,” she commented.

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