Friday 19 July, 2019

POLL: 5 reasons to get your CXC e-certificate

Travel with your CXC e-certificate wherever you take your phone.

Travel with your CXC e-certificate wherever you take your phone.

Never wait in line to collect your CXC certificate again.

Gone are the days when you need to rush to collect, scan or fax your results.

With CXC e-Certificates you can show your love for the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and share your results with the click of a send button. Be one email away from acceptance at a university, an internship or your dream job. 

Besides the immediacy, here are five reasons why you should embrace CXC e-Certificates:

1. More Space

Did you know that clutter has been linked to anxiety, stress and other mental health challenges? Going paperless helps you to reduce the amount of paper that would end up cluttering your surroundings. Going paperless helps the environment AND your sanity. Win-win!

2. Water scarce where?

It takes more than 3 gallons of water to produce 1 sheet of paper. That’s more than the recommended daily intake for one person! Think about it, the amount of water used to produce that sheet of paper could have been used to help persons in water-scarce countries.

3. Think of the tigers...

...Orangutans, elephants and countless other endangered species that face additional pressure when their habitats are destroyed due to deforestation. Give them a fighting chance by going paperless.

4. Less waste

With only a fraction of paper being recycled, it is critical that we explore the need to go paperless. Less waste results in less space taken up in our landfills which, in turn, reduces the amount of noise and dust in those surrounding neighbourhoods. Each year uncollected certificates from previous years are destroyed. What a waste!

5. Clean air

A third of industrial air has been attributed to paper production. By opting to go paperless you save 24 trees per ton of non-recycled paper! That’s more trees available to help with the absorption of CO2; one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and climate change.

CXC certificates, which do you prefer?

Digital (e-Certificate)

Go digital this summer with CXC E-certifications! Access your official CXC Certification directly from your electronic devices. Join the movement, check out for more!

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