Monday 24 February, 2020

POLL: New parties can impact upcoming General Election

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart may have just announced the date when Barbadians will be going to the polls, but Barbados has truly been experiencing elections fever for some time now. 

From the more established Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and Barbados Labour Party (BLP), to newer political offerings such as the United Progressive Party (UPP) and Solutions Barbados, the campaign trail has been walked, ridden and driven for some months in fact. 

And now with the May 24 date set for the people of Barbados to decide who will lead this island for the next five years, we can only imagine that the newly patched and paved roads popping up around Barbados will allow the wide range of candidates an easy run across the various constituencies, as they seek to gain the confidence of the people - votes may be a better term to use, as many Barbadians have conveyed a loss of confidence in the political framework. 

Do you think the newer political parties will make an impact during the 2018 General Elections?

No, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) will have a clear win
No, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) will have a clear win
They will make an impact but not enough to win the General Election

Loop News spoke to some voters during the hustle and bustle of preparations for the Heroes Day holiday, who expressed bewilderment, exhaustion and disappointment over a system which many said condemns open prostitution, but allows politicians to secretly use their power and persuasion for personal gain.

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While persons shared mixed views when asked how these feelings will translate during the next General Elections, many noted that a more solidified offering from the newer parties will make them attractive during the 2018 race.

Jason said, "all ah dem is de same thing. I was liking what I was hearing from Solutions [Solutions Barbados] but now I hearing about rumbling I don't feel dem ready yet. So really I don't know at all." 

Jeff expressed similar sentiments saying, "Solutions Barbados is really onto something. Setting a standard of integrity from the beginning and putting things in place to make sure it's always so. I hope they can get their problems sorted because people really want something new and their technocratic way of dealing with things is what we need."

"I like a lot about the newer parties," Lisa agreed. "But I don't really know how people will respond to them overall, so I think it's time the BLP be given another chance," she added.

"The DLP did its best in a hard situation. They deserve another chance because I'm sure nobody else could do better in such tough times. The BLP was as corrupt as ever and while I could appreciate what the newer parties are trying to do they aren't ready yet," shouted a woman in Popular Supermarket in Bridgetown.

Taking a few minutes away from searching for a cooler for picnicking, Hendy Charles bolding announced that he "will be voting UPP. The Ds have failed us and Lynette [UPP leader Lynette Eastmond] knows about the failures of the Bs and is stepping up to the plate to give the people of Barbados a proper alternative."

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Take the poll and let us know what impact you think the new parties will have on the upcoming General Elections.


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