Thursday 18 October, 2018

Pothole 'quick fixes' under the watchful eye of the Road Safety body

Repair work has been done in the area of Goodland Road, St. Michael.

Repair work has been done in the area of Goodland Road, St. Michael.

The Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) is removing the fluorescent flags marking pothole locations as the Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW) fixes the issues, but they are not throwing their markers away.

“The quick fixes, they’re quick fixing it and you know what quick fixes lead to? Quick repairs! You know that they’re going to have to repair it very soon.”

This was the word from the President of the Barbados Road Safety Association, Sharmane Roland-Bowen recently in an interview with Loop News.

Still putting down more markers, Roland-Bowen said that they will not stop. She says that they have about 100 flags in their possession and they will place them as they see fit.

“We’re moving them. When the places are patched, we remove them and put them other places… We have the flags and we won’t be getting rid of these flags. We’re keeping them on standby because the way some of them [the potholes] look as they are being fixed, we’ll soon be needing them again.”

Admitting that she has no intimate knowledge of fixing potholes, she said that she is not confident in what she is seeing.

“To me, it does not look as if they’re durable. The way they’re doing the patching does not look like they’re durable and meeting the standards where a properly fixed pothole, where you’re looking at it lasting for a period of time. It doesn’t look that way to me.”

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Furthermore, she added, “I’m only talking as a layman because as we know I am not an engineer, they would say, but I do have common sense and I do know what our roads should look like and where a pothole is patched, I have an idea of how it should be done, and in this day is technology you can see how it should be patched.”

Along Goodland Road, St. Michael, there were some potholes closer to the road’s edges which were full of stagnant water and left unpatched. This was pointed out to Roland-Bowen who said that she believes there is a burst main in the area, but she believes that the Ministry's workmen would use some machine to dry out the areas before patching.

The Association started their pothole marking initiative to mark the potholes along the island’s roadways as they reiterated that “potholes do not save lives.” And recently when the Minister of Transport and Works called the markers “distractions”, the president said that greater attention should be paid to distracted drivers who text and drive and concentration should be instead placed on the new habit of putting vehicles for sale along our highways.

November also marks Road Safety Month and once again this year the Association will be trying to host Accident-free Friday on the last Friday of the month, November 24, 2017. She said that she was pleased the fact that it was a success in its first year, last year, and hopes even more drivers will make the pledge this time around.