Thursday 18 July, 2019

Potholes do not save lives

“You know what saves lives? Tell the ministers what saves lives is breathalyzers. That is what saves lives!”

 Annoyed at the comments made by the Member of Parliament for St. Lucy via Facebook, the President of the Barbados Road Safety Association, Sharmane Roland-Bowen told Loop News:

“Breathalyzer testing in the legislation that saves lives! Banning of cell phones, that saves lives!”

Almost at a loss for words, she added, “I, I, I don’t know. There is no way a pothole can save lives. Tell the ministers that!”

And she asserted that this issue will be tackled by the Association.

“It is a safety issue. Anything that has to do with the safety of persons on the road, we have a part to play because that is our mandate. Safer roads, making our roads safer for every person by lessening the accidents.

“Last year we really focused on fatalities. This year we want to go a step further and focus more on accidents, prevention of accidents, and with these potholes you know these can contribute to accidents so we have to pay close attention to that.”

Noting that avoiding potholes makes drivers swerve, brake suddenly and do last-minute manoeuvres, which “can ultimately cause collisions,” Roland-Bowen added that under the direction of the Association, pothole warnings are actually on the horizon.

“We want to make potholes identifiable. When I say identifiable I am not talking about placing some paint around the potholes because when you do that you see the pothole at the same time. So we will be placing some little flags in advance so that you know if you see these flags, you know that in a certain number of meters coming up, you must slow down or look out for potholes and be aware until they are fixed,” she shared.

The President also said that once this initiative goes live, people can assist in helping the Association and its members in their quest to map the potholes on island, instead of just taking photos for social media.

Additionally, urging that addressing the pothole issue will help with overall drive to try harder and get road fatalities to zero, she said,

“We finished at 10. We are happy, we are elated but we are not blowing any trumpets because 10 lives lost is 10 too many.

“We consider the families of those who would have lost persons, those 10 families, and our main hope is to see the road fatality total at zero, but failing that we want to keep them in the single digits. We want to improve on 10.”


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