Tuesday 7 April, 2020

Prayer still the answer for Barbados

Alex Roach will be hosting the Barbados Prayer Encounter Conference.

Alex Roach will be hosting the Barbados Prayer Encounter Conference.


Effective prayer can not only transform the lives of individuals but nations as well.

That was the message from Minister Alex Roach, as he spoke to Loop News about the need for effective prayer among Christians in Barbados.

The 32-year-old Barbadian born pastor strongly believes in the power of prayer and as he has seen its effectiveness in his own life, has taken some time off from that role to help persons find their way to successfully prayer.

From Boston, all across the island of Jamaica and other parts of the world, Minister Roach has been spreading the message of hope and empowerment to Christians by teaching them how to develop a stronger connection with God:

"I teach Christians how to pray effectively. I believe that there is a blueprint or a plan of God for how we ought to pray and the kind of prayer that gets answers - that gets things done. And the father has allowed me to benefit from this through experiences in my personal life and now everything I do is to share that wisdom or that revelation with others."

He explained that his desire to see others gain such a connection drove him to where he is today:

"I think what really created the desire in my heart for helping people in this area of their life, is that I saw a lot of people who struggle daily - who had personal matters going on in their lives that they weren't getting the answers from God. 

"And I understood from a very young age that many of the methods people use will not work, that the only thing that can help and deliver them is to have a thriving prayer life - that's where the bible talks about a spiritual weapon. I understood that if they are going to experience freedom and liberty in their life, they needed that level of teaching and awareness.

"The objective is to enlighten and bring awareness to the power of prayer and empower individuals with the tools that they can use to get results in their own prayer life."

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And as mentioned before, that desire has moved him to take this message to a variety of places as a member of Intercessors 300, which was founded by his mentor, Apostle T Wayne Bishop.

So what was his experience like in Jamaica? He shared details about the year and a half he spent there:

"We gathered intercessors and out of that, we started to teach them these same principals on how to pray effectively, on the importance of prayer life. 

"We took this message across Jamaica and wherever we went we saw a tremendous response of people gathering and praying for Jamaica and we saw tremendous testimonies of people whose lives were transformed. People have testified about how their prayer life has changed and they no longer are subjugated to trouble, to circumstances."

Now stationed in Barbados, he is holding 'The Barbados Prayer Encounter Conference' this Saturday, as he seeks to help Barbadians discover new heights in their connection with God.

"It is the approach to prayer. It has to be grounded and rooted in your identity, how you see you and how you see your relationship with God.

"If you don't have the right perspective on who you are in God and who he is to you, you are going to approach prayer from a very skewed perspective. A lot of the results we get from prayer are derived from our perspective."

He therefore urged persons to rethink their perspective on the topic:

"Prayer really demands that we be aggressors that we rise up and know that we'll be given the upper hand, the authority."

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