Sunday 20 September, 2020

Pregnant during COVID-19, Dee learns patience, soon welcomes baby girl

It would be easy to become a hermit during this novel coronavirus pandemic, but pregnant mothers have to venture out to attend doctor's visits, checkups, get bloodwork, and risk exposure to make sure their baby is okay.

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It feels oxymoronic but it's a new reality for soon-to-be, expecting moms.

And Dee is one of those women. 

"I am currently five months pregnant and to be very honest the journey has been rough mentally more than anything else and this is solely due to the pandemic that we are facing, with having to social distance and trying to avoid others to keep safe."

It's Mother's Day, May 10, so how has life for Dee and unborn foetus Dee been since March 16 when Barbados announced its first two cases?

"'Thankfully' when the first cases were announced here I was on sick leave from my job at the time and I have been fortunate to have been at home hence after. But as a first-time mother it hasn't been a good feeling not being able to share the news as others before me might have, and not being able to engage in the joys of having certain embraces from my loved ones.

"To be honest I initially was not coping well and the fears of miscarrying due to stress walked with me daily.

"I follow the social distance requirements as I am supposed to and I only leave my residence in relation to things for my pregnancy, however, I still get very uneasy when travelling to and from despite it being by car. Seeing everybody in masks is a new norm that I still have not gotten accustomed to. I just try my best to sanitize and be careful."

Fears shoved aside, and carrying on fiercely, Dee said: "My biggest lesson so far has definitely been patience along with the importance of  'blocking out outside noise'. I am learning that I cannot celebrate in ways that I would like and I'm finding alternatives. I've also been finding comfort in exploring hobbies while being at home which has helped with keeping me somewhat sane." She added with a smile.

No one ever expected COVID-19 and this 2020, and Dee admitted: "It's been a trying lesson but I am still learning every day."

As she exits the second trimester and heads into the third trimester soon, Loop asked if she knew her baby's sex. 

Rubbing her baby bump, Dee confessed:

"Initially I had planned to wait until the baby was born before knowing, but as the days crept on and I started getting more in tune with my upcoming pregnancy and everything surrounding it I began to get excited. I found out the sex of my baby only yesterday and although I had no preference I am beyond thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl!"

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