Thursday 22 October, 2020

BUT President: Teachers ready for the challenge of re-teaching lessons

Parents dropping off their children at Reynold Weekes Primary on the first day of the school year (September 21).

Parents dropping off their children at Reynold Weekes Primary on the first day of the school year (September 21).

With some parents concerned and anxious about the new blended approach for most schools and students due to COVID-19, one teacher union president is assuring that teachers are ready to deal with the new format.

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After the two first days for Group 1 and Group 2 students on Monday (September 21) and Tuesday (September 22), Head of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) Pedro Shepherd told Loop News:

"I am happy that for the most part as I have been saying that our teachers were ready and excited to return to their post, the classroom."  

Giving an overview, he went on to say: "Of course we knew that the first week or two would be met with challenges but we're up to the task and fully understand what was expected. 
"For me things have gone even smoother than I had anticipated in terms of the receipt of students at the gates and at dismissal. I am also finding that schools are much quieter with the smaller numbers and thus far I am pleased."

Addressing the concern of the parents who are weary of the two-group system and repeated lessons, he insisted: "Some teachers have noted that it is much harder now that they have to teach everything twice as the classes are now split in half but they are up to the task and expect better results at the end."

Replying to the comment by a school principal that the smaller class sizes may also see students who need more attention receiving such, Shepherd shared his belief as well, saying: "Of course that could be the only result. It goes without saying."

Some students who did not return to classrooms as yet because of unique situations at their school plants will be returning this Friday, next Monday and mid-October. These are some students of St Giles' Primary and St Luke's Brighton.

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