Thursday 1 October, 2020

PM Mia Mottley tells Barbadians to be prepared all Hurricane Season

Residents of Barbados are being urged to take heed of Government's warning to prepare for the "new" hurricane season. 

The call came from Prime Minister after a tour of the flood-prone Murphy's Pasture  in New Orleans, St Michael with Attorney General Dale Marshall, Minister of Transport, Works and Water Resource Ian Gooding-Edghill, Minister of Home Affairs Information and Public Affairs Wilfred Abrahams and Minister in the Ministry of Water Resources , Charles Griffith. 
She beseeched locals to continue to prepare for the worst case scenario. 

"We are all saying to you to please continue to prepare. If the worst does not happen, we at least have had a dry run. If as we anticipate we are going to get bad weather, at least we are going to minimize the extent of that bad weather causing dislocation to families, putting anybody’s life at risk, putting anybody’s limbs at risk, putting anybody’s property at risk, if we properly prepare," she said, adding, "If you know around you accustom flooding, just go and get some sandbags." 

Referring to the sudden and catastrophic impact of hurricanes Ivan, Dorian and Maria on Caribbean island states in recent years, Mottley encouraged the public to be vigilant.

She suggested that given the early appearance and frequency of storms in this last decade, it was going to be a long hurricane season for the Caribbean region. 

"If there are areas around [that] you believe need to be still cleaned, let us know because we anticipate that this is going to be a long season.

"We have never had to respond so early to a storm this late in the alphabet and that should in and of itself tell you that this is an unusual period of time in which we are living," the Prime Minister remarked. 

Gonzalo is the seventh named storm in the 2020 Hurricane Season.

Cementing her point, she said that the old childhood rhyme about Hurricane Season no longer holds true. The climatogly adage goes: "June: too soon; July: stand by; August: come they must; September: remember; October: all over”. However, Tropical Storms started in May this year. Tropical Storm Bertha which formed at the end of May and caused flooding issues, thunderstorms and even a tornado when it made landfall affecting Florida, South Carolina and parts of the Northeastern States. 

Therefore, PM Mottley added: "My advice to all Barbadians is that we must stay vigilant and we must prepare. I am appealing to Barbadians to do it. We have had these kinds of conversations a little too much for me now". 

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