Wednesday 15 July, 2020

Promoter advises, check Tipsy tickets properly

Tipsy 2018 tickets. See below for a sample of the Early Bird ticket printed by TicketPal.

Tipsy 2018 tickets. See below for a sample of the Early Bird ticket printed by TicketPal.

Tipsy 2018 is sold out and the scalpers are reselling tickets at extortionate prices. Well, not just the scalpers, it appears some regular feters are weighing the benefits of reselling for a profit too.

This afternoon Loop spotted some persons on Facebook selling Tipsy tickets for BBD $250 after the tickets originally sold for BBD $80 early bird and $100 regular, and contacted the organiser Twisted Entertainment for a comment.

Public Relations Officer and committee member with Twisted, Tracy Highland told persons seeking to attend the event this Sunday, July 22, 2018, at Pirate's Cove:

“Be extremely cautious where they source their tickets. Be mindful we are completely sold out. None of our committee members or our outlets have tickets left. If you are purchasing from somebody who is reselling a ticket, do your due diligence as best as you can on the person you are buying the ticket from. The main thing you should be looking out for on the ticket is the hologram. It should say CaribTix. If it is copied it will not be a hologram, it would just be flat. That’s the main thing you should be looking out for."

Fraud will land persons on the outside of the venue regardless of if they paid their hard-earned dollars for the fake counterfeit ticket or not.

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She warned:

"Security is going to be very tight at the door and they’ll be checking for that and other security features on the tickets. Anyone with a fraudulent ticket is obviously going to be denied entry."

Responding to the question of if the organizers expected the event to be sold out ahead of the date, she said 'yes'.

"The demand for Tipsy the event has always been very high so we took the decision this year to limit the numbers and not to sell tickets at the door because we were very concerned with having an event that is comfortable for everybody and not overcrowded, and that was properly catered for, and we wanted everybody to have a really great time, so 'yes' in a way we did expect that the tickets would possibly sell out. We are very happy with the support that we have gotten from our patrons." 

With people being desperate to get a ticket now since they waited to the last-minute, she reiterated that they must check tickets thoroughly.

For those with tickets in hand already, she promised, "we do have a great show lined-up and Tipsy has a reputation of delivering a great party... So look forward to everyone having a good time." Twisted is once again going with the all-white theme but she said that the venue will have a very different look with "giant surprises" in store. The organisers are hope that the event continues to be incident-free.

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