Tuesday 18 February, 2020

PSVs want back in Transport Board yard

River Van Stand

River Van Stand

High fuel costs are driving the owners of Public Service Vehicles straight back to the Transport Board table for negotiations.

It is time to return to the bargaining table and see how best Public Service Vehicles (PSVs), the Transport Board and the Ministry of Transport and Works can work together to help PSV operators improve reduced profits.

This from the President of the Alliance Owners of Public Transport (AOPT) Roy Raphael as he spoke to Loop News today.

Lamenting that fossil fuel continues to be "a high cost" as it relates to PSV operations, he urged:

“Let us talk! I am challenging the Transport Board and the Ministry of Transport and Finance to let us talk. Let us see how best they can continue to create concessions for the operators.”

He said that he does not want “the discrimination” but he believes, “we as an Association would have the right to control part of the new proposal going forward to have the ZRs and he minibuses refuel back up at the Transport Board meaning that we would set conditions that they would follow and everybody would be happy, which would include the wearing of the uniforms, and we would say that operators have to be orderly and more so be a member of the Association.”

Raphael said that the new proposal penned by AOPT is as result of the failure in the past when such an arrangement was previously in place at Transport Board, and in an effort to improve profit.

He explained:

“Fuel was subsidized then and a lot or most of our members would have taken the opportunity to go into Transport Board to full-up and that had some challenges, as it relates to traffic management, parking problems and security as such, issues that I believe that I believe the Ministry could have met the Association to deal with.

“And when the Ministry put us out of the Transport Board, we would have seen a significant drop in our profits.”

But he is hopeful about restarting the discussion and bettering the old concept.

“It is a hand-in-hand programme going forward. We are willing to sit with the Transport. We are willing to look at it again, very critical, very important to see how we can move our members who are complaining daily about the high cost of fuel.”

And he said that he is stressing the need for persons to be an AOPT member because those are whom they can control to a large extent.

Raphael assured:

“We can only control our members and we find that 75 percent of our members cooperate with the law. Anytime the police or anybody call us about a particular van and we check our system, they are not members of our system.”

Therefore the President said that he believes “the time has come” for them to approach the necessary parties again to negotiate an improved arrangement.

Most recently, as of midnight Sunday, April 2, 2017, four days ago, consumers felt the increase as new petroleum prices took effect. Now custome pay  more for gasoline and diesel.

The retail price of gasoline moved from Bds$2.96 per litre to $2.97, an increase of one cent per litre, while the price of diesel rose from Bds$2.21 to $2.28, an increase of seven cents. 


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