Wednesday 17 October, 2018

Public sector reform not a ’numbers game’, says MP

Member of Parliament, Marsha Caddle (far right) with the newly elected Executive for St. Michael South Central.

Member of Parliament, Marsha Caddle (far right) with the newly elected Executive for St. Michael South Central.

Public servants who may be worried about where they will stand after government rolls out its economic recovery plan, are being given no clear indication as to how many will end up on the breadline.  

Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Marsha Caddle has echoed the same sentiments as the PM as well as members of the Barbados Economic Team, keeping tight-lipped about the numbers to be retrenched.  

Speaking to party supporters at her constituency office on Sunday, Caddle stressed the modernization of the public sector was not a “numbers game” but rather a way to ensure that “public service delivery is returned to what we know it can be and what it should be.” 

She said the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation Plan (BERT), supported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) program will ensure that the burden is shared evenly and labour does not take the full weight of the adjustment. 

“... we are not again going to be entering into an adjustment where only one group of people carry the burden of the adjustment. 

There are some positions that existed 50 years that perhaps we do not need to have in 2018. Our program of retooling, empowering and enfranchising will deal with upgrading people’s skills. What we have committed to is investing $30 million in training such that those people who may find themselves displaced in one sector will be able to find work in another sector.” 

Caddle also took a jab at former Governor of the Cental Bank, Dr. Delisle Worrell who had made recommendations for government to send home 1,500 public servants, saying this is not the way in which reform will be carried out.   

“What the former Governor of the Central Bank... is suggesting that we need to send home 4,000 and 5,000 people, as if this is some kind of numbers game... adjustment in this country has to be shared evenly by  all.”




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