Sunday 24 June, 2018

Public warned about PM impersonator on Facebook

Barbadian Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is not asking the public for money. 

That message was made clear in a paid advertisement by the Office of the Prime Minister, which appeared in the Saturday Sun yesterday. 

That ad warned persons not to be duped by fake messages on Facebook:

“There have been several attempts recently to send fraudulent messages, engage persons via Facebook Messenger in conversation online, or even solicit money with false promises relating to a fictitious United Nations Grant by an individual or individuals purporting to be the Rt Hon. Freundel Stuart,” the Nation News' report stated.

It further told persons to be cautious about messages on their phones, since the culprit or culprits were also using cell phones to solicit money from the Barbadian public:

A "cell phone has been used to send fake messages purporting to come from the Prime Minister”.

The public was reminded that they can reach the Prime Minister through his office at Government Headquarters and that they should report any such messages to the Royal Barbados Police Force.

When Loop News checked with police public relations officer, Inspector Roland Cobbler today, the Force had not received any such reports.