Sunday 22 April, 2018

QEH continues to modernize services

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (PHOTO: Richard Grimes)

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (PHOTO: Richard Grimes)

Management at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s (QEH) has made a concerted effort to keep abreast of world advances in technology, using digital connectivity as a platform for doing business and modernizing service delivery at the institution. 

This has been lauded by Health Minister John Boyce who yesterday said the hospital’s ICT landscape is being dramatically transformed and various service areas are better positioned to meet the challenges which previously impeded timely and confidential delivery of service.

He says significant investments have been made in procuring various software applications for ensuring better patient outcomes.

“These include the PACS/RIS and LIS systems used in telemedicine for enabling real time retrieval of diagnostic images by clinics and the Accident & Emergency Department; such images are now accessible in the polyclinics,” he explained.

Delivering the keynote speech at the hospital’s annual performance review yesterday at the Barbados Hilton, he said a visit to the Staff Wellness Centre would reveal the discontinuation of written notes since they are now equipped with Unicharts Electronic Medical Records.

Tracking of patients’ medical records across the QEH continuum can now be accommodated via Infolinx, he further stated.

The Minister says board members too have benefited from a new business model, having been furnished with Board Pads on which they can securely access documents or meetings while eliminating the potential for losing or misplacing cumbersome documents, and at the same time “saving a tree or two”.

It was just a week ago the hospital briefed the media on their Backfile Conversion Project representing the transition from paper-based patient medical notes to digitized records.