Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Quick facts about Saba - The unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean

Saba Island (Source: Saba Tourism Bureau)

Saba Island (Source: Saba Tourism Bureau)

Saba is an unearthed gem in the Caribbean Sea.

Tucked away, Saba is less than fifteen minutes from the island of St Maarten/St Martin by plane, and surprise, surprise, Saba has its own small airport, but no Sea Port!

Is Saba a Dutch territory?

Saba is the smallest official public body of the Netherlands in the Caribbean.

Where is Saba?

Saba is a part of the Lesser Antilles. It is located to the South of Anguilla and to the West of Antigua and Barbuda. But if you're not sure where Anguilla and Antigua are in the Caribbean Sea, it is also South of the more widely known Sint Maarten (also owned by the Dutch) and northwest of St Kitts and Nevis.

Video caption: 24 HOURS on the SMALLEST ISLAND in the Caribbean | Saba Travel Vlog by Kara and Nate

How big is Saba?

It measures just 13 square kilometers. That is, it is a five-square-mile "big" island.

How many people live in Saba?

Saba has a population of less than 2,000. It is approximately 1,800 according to

What type of island is Saba?

Saba is a volcanic island.

What are some places of interest and things to do in Saba?

According to Wikipedia, it consists essentially of the top of the dormant Mount Scenery volcano. Its surrounding Saba Marine Park which is a renowned dive site is home to coral formations, dolphins, sharks and turtles. For shopping many people go over to St Maarten/St Martin and make a day of it. Two islands for the price of one. Saba is also known for its restaurants and its Carinival is in July!

Fun facts

Saba has only two schools on island. One is a secondary school - Saba Comprehensive School, and the other is a primary school - Sacred Heart School.

The Capital of Saba is The Bottom. reported that Saba's silhouette was used in the original King Kong movie in 1933. At the beginning of the film, it serves as the backdrop for the colossal gorilla's "Skull Island" home.

Saba has the world's shortest commericial runway at its sole, small airport.

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