Friday 19 April, 2019

Quit driving without insurance, drivers warned

Cheryl Forde, Marketing Manager at Co-operators General Insurance encouraging Barbadians to get insurance and to keep it updated.

Cheryl Forde, Marketing Manager at Co-operators General Insurance encouraging Barbadians to get insurance and to keep it updated.

“Insurance is important!”

This is the urgent message coming from Cheryl Forde, Marketing Manager at Co-operators General Insurance, especially to young persons who do not see a need for insurance.

She told Loop News:

“Insurance is very important. People don’t understand the importance of insurance until something happens…

“They better get insurance, because the funny thing about it is that when they don’t take insurance and when they get in an accident with somebody else, they don’t have insurance, the other person suffers. We need to have insurance. We need to encourage persons using the roads to have insurance.”

Forde stressed that persons should not be driving around without insurance because that is taking a risk.

To those stating that there are no benefits to driving accident-free, she said that is not true. “Every year you don’t get in an accident your insurance rate actually drops; your premium will actually remain constant or drop. It is when you get in accidents then you tend to get an increase in your premium. So we really want to encourage persons to get insurance, to be on the road with insurance. Do not be driving on the roads with insurance, without your road tax, without your appropriate licences. That is one of the things that we really want to encourage Barbadians to do.”  

And to those who think that they can skip out on calling the insurance company when they get involved in “a little scrape”, she encouraged them to think again.

“I advise persons to call the insurance companies when you get in an accident. You may think it is minor and then find you can’t handle it by yourself. It is best to call the insurance company who will come and assist you.”

Furthermore, she also took a moment to dispel the notion that only young people are involved in collisions. She said that seniors are involved in numerous accidents. “Accidents occur across the board and it’s because people are not driving defensively.” She called for persons to refrain from distracted driving saying distractions are to be blamed for collisions on our roadways, more than age or years of experience.

Forde was speaking to Loop News on the sidelines of the presentation of a 2017 Nissan X-trail jeep compliments Courtesy Garage Ltd., and one-year free insurance from Co-operators General to the reigning Pic-o-de Crop Monarch Ian ‘iWeb’ Webster this morning, Thursday, August 31, 2017.

In addition, when asked if they are seeing persons shying away from jeeps and SUVs as they carry a higher insurance premium, she said she has not noticed that trend.

“People will insure what they want. There is a particular rate for insurance so the insurance is rated according to the value of the vehicle and I haven’t found that people have moved away from them because of the value.”

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