Monday 22 April, 2019

Recap of Pic-O-De-Crop Finals second half

Backup singers at the  2017 Pic-O-De-Crop Finals.

Backup singers at the 2017 Pic-O-De-Crop Finals.

The performances are finished and now it is time for the judges to deliberate.

Edwin Yearwood made it clear that he was going after the crown with his second rendition 'Beggar'. The much slower song to his first half performance of 'Tax-He', tugged at the hearts of the audience, who gave a roaring response to the song.

Chrystal 's second half song was well received. Urging citizens to 'Claim Barbados Back', she delivered a strong performance.

It was a solid performance by Adrian Clarke with his second song, 'My Opinion'. Talking-his-talk on the political scene in Barbados, he had good crowd response.

Observer brought 'Socio-Party' for his second half performance. He clearly enjoyed this rendition, though the audience did not show great engagement.

Sir Ruel performed the unfamiliar 'The Printer' in the second half. While his rendition was good, the lack of familiarity of 'The Printer' caused some disconnect with the audience.

Donella pleaded with Barbadians to individually start the change they want to see in her 'Make A Change'. A song well received from the audience, she had an excellent performance.

Who is your pick to win the 2017 Pic-O-De-Crop crown?

Adrian Clarke (More Love & My Opinion)
Aziza (We Still Standing Tall & The United Caribbean)
Chrystal (Too Big Fuh De Horse & Claim Barbados Back)
Classic (If Yuh Don't Know & Divorce)
Colin Spencer (One Last Vote & Belated Birthday Greetings)
Donella (Virtual & Make A Change)
Edwin (Beggar & Tax-He)
iWeb (Salesman & Pray For The Souls)
Observer (Patriot & Socio-Party)
Sir Ruel (Run Fuh Cover & The Printer)
Smokey Burke (Poor-trait & Persona Non Grata)

It may not only have been Classic who wanted a 'Divorce', as the crowd enjoyed the rendition of this tongue-in-cheek song. 

Colin Spencer's 'Belated Birthday Greetings' was well received by the audience.

Aziza gave a strong performance with her 'The United Caribbean'. Continuing with her sentiments of nation-building, she brought the audience together as she offered a more fun second performance.

The audience was loving 'Persona Non Grata' by Smokey Burke, as they were engaging from his pre-song presentation. The witty song was well delivered, even though there were some questions about his rendition.

It was a climactic performance by iWeb who was dressed as an angel during 'Pray For The Souls'. His presentation and rendition were well received by the audience, as he brought a range of elements such as rhythm poetry to the stage.

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