Wednesday 15 July, 2020

Red flag! 8 ways Bajans issue warnings

Warning words

Warning words

Bajans give warnings and words of cautions when they see foolishness, have "a funny feeling" or learn that something is not adding up.

People around the globe speak about "red flags", but a real real true true Bajan will tell you they are bothered in their spirit or "my spirit don't tek to he or she." 

And when this happens, it can all go down hill from there if they do not heed that 'gut' warning.

So if a Bajan tells you any of the following, proceed with caution.

Warning words from Bajans:

1. Tek it light

Muriel: People say he is dis and dat but he does treat me real good.

Lauren: Ort yu. Tek it light. A hundred French men can't be wrong.

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2. Day does run

Mark: Wuh she ain't know can't hurt she

Mark mother: Day does run till night catch it. Keep running.

3. Don't hang yuh hat 

Megan: So now i get de job I gine get a car and then I would start to study rent and...

Mother: Sweet girl yuh get uh lil pick not win de lotto. Don't hang yuh hat where yuh hand can't reach.

4. Wuh ain't catch yuh 

Tanya: Dis girl does get on like she husband is the best and yet he pushing talk at me.

Samantha: Leff out married men

Tanya: Girl dis ain't de first time...

Samantha: I know you wanna get married one day. Just remember wuh ain't catch yuh ain't pass yuh.

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5. Yuh have to creep

Carla: I want to move out but my pay ain't de best 

Tina: Do what you can and save aside something. Yuh have to creep before yuh can walk

6. When yuh see a man flying

Lil Paulie: Mummy all uh my friends got dem and...

Wendy: Lemme tell you something. Is just me. Stop watch people please. My mudda always use to tell me when yuh see a man flying don't mind he cause yuh don't know who wings he flying pon. Okay? I buy you want I can afford, and what I can't we will leff out for now. 

7. Mark my words

Gloria: He need to be careful 

Martha: Mark my words, if he mudda don't watch he good, he gine end up in de court pages. And yuh know my words don't drop.

8. Who you born wid?

Keisha: But my friends was...

Grandmother: You born wid friends? Friends gine be de end uh you. Who you born wid? You born by yourself, stand by yuhself. Keep yuhself out of trouble and yuh name out people mout! I ain't have nuh bail money nor I ain't gine and sit down up de road fuh nobody. I too old tuh get a number now fuh a child dat get and folluh pattern. If you friends jump in a well... look move from in front me. Come to perplex my soul bout but you friends did doing it so... like you born wid somebody. 

Which phrase stops you dead in your tracks?

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