Sunday 15 December, 2019

Renaming building after treasurer an insult

The credit union movement is not about one member.

The decision by 13 individuals to agree to the recommendation by the Board of Directors Of Co-operators General Insurance Co Ltd, to name the building at Collymore Rock after its treasurer and Board member is an insult to the local credit union movement.

President of the Barbados Cooperative Business Association, Oriel Doyle, is questioning if the individuals took the matter back to their respective credit unions and if there was a mandate to make such a decision.

His remarks as he addressed a seminar for co-operatives on Retirement Planning which was held at the Baobab Towers, St. Michael.

While acknowledging that the treasurer made a valuable contribution to the development of the organisation, he said so did many other people before him – stating that many will come after to make their contribution as well.

He believes that to name the building after the present Board member might appear to be self-serving in the least and inept and stingy, especially in the face of opposition from some members of the credit union fraternity.

“Have they forgotten where the money came from in the first place to make that building a reality? It was the member’s funds, not from only one individual. To continue to push this idea suggests that this Board needs to be looked at in a different light,” he asserted.

Mr Doyle says the credit union movement has faced hurdles from the time the concept of the insurance company was mooted. He stressed that they have fought some elements within the movement, struggled with the authorities who were not keen on the idea, and were even criticised by the regional credit unions , some of whom were of the view that they were about to destroy the local movement.

Throughout all of this he noted that there was a core of credit unionists who were convinced that this was the correct move to make at the time and with whom they consulted and they continued to provide the financial support that was required.

He is in full agreement with the recommendation of Mrs. Muriel Parris - whom he described as the matriarch of the movement - that the erection of the building should be a tribute to all co-operators, both past and present who would have made their contribution in various ways.

He reminded participants that the co-operative movement could never be about an “I” or “Me” but is really about “Us” or “We”.

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