Sunday 27 September, 2020

All bar seating to be removed under revised COVID-19 protocols

As the Government Information Service disseminated a revision to the protocols for bars and entertainment establishments today, it highlighted just how fluid the situation remains and how nothing is written in stone where COVID-19 is concerned.

Below is a summary of the revisions made to the original guidelines which were made public just two and a half weeks ago on July 16.

What has changed?

Contact Tracing

While the original protocol called for establishments to maintain a log of every customer, including customer’s name, contact details and address, the revision stipulates that such information must be kept for 30 days.

At the Bar

Congregation at bars is still not allowed. However, where the previous protocol allowed for restricted seating at physical bars, the new protocol states that all seating shall be removed from the bar counter.


There is now an accommodation for groupings where group designations are to be clearly marked. Owners and operators are expected to remind and encourage patrons to stay in their groups, and to wear their face masks when traversing the event.

Venue Capacity

A venue’s capacity should allow for 25 feet squared (3 linear feet of floor space) per individual and 10 feet squared per person when in groups. As applied before, signs listing the new maximum capacity are to be posted within the establishment.


The new guideline relating to the sanitization of bars now specifies that an appropriate microfiber towel or pad by used in conjunction with a sanitizer approved for use with COVID-19 by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

Live Entertainment

An added provision for live entertainment states that audiences should be at least 6 feet from the entertainer.

Revised protocols for bars and entertainment venues


Patrons are still required to have their temperatures checked and to wear face masks on entering the premises.

Hand sanitization also remains in place and 3 foot floor markers are to be installed in the bar where guests are required queue in order to maintain social distancing.

Establishments are still required to print and post information from a credible source such as the Government Information Service and the Ministry of Health and Wellness throughout the establishment on the spread of COVID-19.

A list of the revised protocol for bars and entertainment establishments can be accessed here.


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