Thursday 1 October, 2020

Root out corruption at NHC, says Opposition MP

NHC Headquarters.

NHC Headquarters.

An Opposition MP has called for people to be held accountable for any misdeeds at the National Housing Corporation.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, MP for St. Michael South East, Santia Bradshaw, said numerous Auditor General reports have highlighted a failure to carry out tendering processes, as well as high cost overruns on the Valery and Grotto housing projects.

She called on the Government to proclaim the integrity legislation passed in 2013 so that if necessary, a “clean up” can begin at the NHC.

“National Housing needs its own investigation into the issues of corruption… the words of ‘accountability’ and ‘transparency’ mean nothing if members of this chamber are not going to hold themselves to account but also hold other members of this Parliament to account as well."

She maintained, “If a President of the United States could be called to account, then members of this Parliament – whether there are cost overruns, whether individually or collectively that there is proof that persons have aided and abetted in spending the taxpayers’ money wrongfully or doing things which are corrupt or bring this chamber into disrepute and cause people on the street to believe that all politicians are the same – we need to bring an end to that.”

Admitting that both political parties have not succeeded in addressing housing challenges facing Barbadians, Bradshaw said it was time for members on both sides to have “a meeting of minds”.

“We must move past this point where we continue to point fingers across the floor. We need to accept that we are at this juncture where we have to find solutions and in finding solutions, sometimes you have to accept that you have done a little wrong,” she said.


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