Thursday 1 October, 2020

Rowley: 'A golf course is like a woman'

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has come in for heavy criticism for likening a golf course to women, in defending Government’s decision to allocate $3 million for the upgrade of the Chaguaramas Golf Course in Trinidad.

Rowley made the controversial comment during debate on the 2018 Budget in Parliament late Thursday.

Responding to Opposition criticism of the $3 million budgetary allocation, he said renovation of the public golf course would augur well for the country’s tourism product, attracting a particular type of tourists.

He said other Caribbean territories like Barbados are considered attractive locations to high end and long stay tourists because of their golf courses.

He said those who vacation in other territories for golf pay top dollar and stay for a period of three to five days.

In describing the state of golf courses in Trinidad, Rowley made the contentious comment.

“Trinidad and Tobago, we have a number of golf courses – most of them are sheep’s pastures. And my colleague, he knows better… My friend from Caroni East, he knows better. He knows what a golf course should be like and a golf course is like a woman, you have to groom her everyday otherwise it turns into a pasture.”

His statement elicited smirks and giggles from a number of MPs in the Parliamentary chamber.

Rowley continued with his defense of the decision to upgrade the golf course, stating that most of those who have played golf in North Trinidad have benefitted from the use of the Chaguaramas course.

He also questioned why Opposition would object to something that would obviously benefit the country, especially when the golf course is possibly the only one that has a junior programme.

The Prime Minister added that Tobago is in need of at least two golf courses to market its hotel rooms and as a tourist destination to any visitor to its shores.

He then accused the Opposition of refusing to support the move as part of a tactic to return to office.

"They feel that if they ain't support nothing, the country will collapse, the government will go bankrupt and then the population will call them back into office." 

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