Tuesday 22 September, 2020

RSPCA: Animals faring well with scorching temperatures

(Internet Image)

(Internet Image)

Temperatures for the last month have been scorching and there is always the concern of household pets and livestock suffering from heat stroke at this time of year.

The Barbados RSPCA has reported a significant improvement on animals suffering with heat-related symptoms as compared to this time last year.

Veterinary Nurse and Clinic Manager with the Barbados RSPCA, Charmaine Hatcher told Loop News the shelter has only seen one animal who suffered with heat stroke.

{Photo: RSPCA}

She explained, the large dog came into the clinic for treatment unrelated to heat and staff discovered the animal was showing signs of heat stroke.

Hatcher said the RSPCA is pleased that the public has been heeding warnings about protecting animals from the heat.

“People seem to be more animal-conscious now [and] more aware of how to keep animals. We [at the RSPCA] have had no problems, we are very comfortable with how things have been going.”

“We always try to remind people to provide water and to keep that water out of the sun and in a shaded place. Also we tell people not to wrap their animals in towels or blankets when they are transporting them. We know they may want to protect their vehicles but wrapping the animals is not safe.”

For livestock, Hatcher said there were no serious concerns about animals overheating. She suggested that the public should, if they have the resources, leave a small container of water on their premises so that birds can stay hydrated when temperatures increase.

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