Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Rubytech, a man of many talents, tells other artists 'The time is now'

Winslow "Rubytech" Jordan wants other artists to maintain the hustle

Winslow "Rubytech" Jordan wants other artists to maintain the hustle

Barbadian rapper, Winslow 'Rubytech' Jordan is calling on artists coming out of lockdown due to COVID-19 to push themselves even harder right now.

Musicians and performers across the globe are challenged in making earnings due to lockdowns, airport closures and not being able to perform at live venues for audiences, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
Causing many to rethink how to earn a living.

But for Rubytech, now is the best time for artists to connect and create.

"We must continue the creation and positive exploitation of our works and our connections as well, no better time than the present," Rubytech said.

The Barbadian born emcee is many things; Fine Artist, Barber, Cartoonist, Comic Book Creator/Collector, Rapper, and of course a Hustler.

A staple on the Bajan Rap scene for the past decade and winning numerous awards for his work, Rubytech has been carving out a niche for himself that some may seem as unconventional or even not for Barbados. But he pushes on making his own form of success the goal.

If you follow Rubytech on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you will be constantly fed a steady diet of his music and his tireless commitment to his art.

As he consistently pushes himself and has in many ways maintained a steady focus on reaching his audience with his music, especially at this time.

He believes firmly that the time is now to master these new and innovative means of pushing art and creative spirit.

"To maintain momentum takes some serious creativity and persistence at the moment. Most artists have taken to live stream formats to interact with their followers in more intimate grounds. Others have adopted more frequent music creation and output to keep feeding the demand and vacant frontier of the 'new normal'," Rubytech stated.

But he does believe that things will pick back up again and we need to be ready for that.

"I try to do a bit of all the above, making full usage of the slow down as it is expected that an upturn will occur. The time is now to master these elements of artistry," Rubytech said.

The son of the late, respected cartoonist, graphic artist and Barbadian cultural icon, Winston Jordan, Rubytech's talents run deep and have always merged perfectly with his love of all things Barbadian.

A most recent example of this is his 2019 homage to Veteran Calypsonian Lil Rick on Like Rick.


But for right now, Rubytech is still laser-focused on finding new innovative ways for Barbadians to connect and thinks that the intricacies of branding now mean using new technology.

And he is very much in the mindset that we all should connect and teach each other going forward.

"It's imperative that artists first learn to ask themselves, what is my brand, what is my sound? Helping artists who don't understand the true scope of their brand is like giving a man fish but not teaching him the art of fishing.

"The best method could be Zoom instructional courses and online workshops build around live-streamed shows to simultaneously showcase the talents on songs while helping them to a higher reality of musical business acumen."

Rubytech is working towards longevity and diversity in the music business and even though he has released new content up to last month with his video "Real Walk", he is charting a course where he is steadily curating his next moves to be his best moves.

To find more on Rubytech you can go to Facebook and look for Winslow Rubytech Jordan / On Twitter: @ofclrubytech / Instagram: @OfficialRubytech / YouTube: OfficialRubytech

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