Friday 14 August, 2020

Photos: Sagicor brings awareness to Breast Cancer at Sheraton Mall

Even the crosswalks within the Mall's premises are pink and white.

Even the crosswalks within the Mall's premises are pink and white.

Sagicor Insurance is not letting persons forget to take care of their health and lives.

The past five days have been busy for insurance giant Sagicor. The company has been creatively throwing the spotlight on some major issues including road safety and now breast cancer.

With October being recognised globally as  Breast Cancer Awareness month, Sagicor's focus has now shifted gears to encourage people to get checked because early diagnosis makes a big difference in relation to treatment and survival.

Vice President, Marketing, Corporate Communications and Brand Experience with Sagicor Financial Corporation Limited, Ingrid Card told Loop News they have partnered with Sheraton Centre Mall in Christ Church this month to spread the awareness message.

Sagicor - Sheraton Centre Campaign

“Over the weekend we fully branded Sheraton Mall and if you pass you can see what I mean.  We’ve placed pink all over so that when you are driving in from [the Sargeant’s Village end], you sill see the speed bumps and they are painted in pink as are the crossings. When you go over them, you will see the sign which says ‘Feel that bump? Get your breasts checked’.

"Also on the glass doors, there is a lady and when the door is closed she is holding her little girl’s hand.  When it open they are separated and the text on the glass says ‘Don’t let breast cancer tear your family apart’,” she explained.

With the creative messages, Sagicor, which offers both life and medical insurance, hopes that persons will consider their options.

This latest marketing campaign comes hot on the heels of their 24-hour Road Safety advertisement which featured the backend of Green Toyota Corolla AE100 planted firmly into the wall overhead the carriageway heading down BET Hill, St Michael - just in front of the American University of Barbados (AUB).

Sagicor's method of marketing and awareness-raising is getting a lot of attention on social media.

One person on Facebook shared photos of the pink decorations at Sheraton Mall with the caption: Who at Sagicor coming up with these ideas? Stand up please show ya face. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

The post was like over 100 times and over 20 people commented. One person replied sharing the photo of the Road Safety advert saying, "Agreed good job whoever you are, we need more like you! See this one still in progress!"

Many are calling the new campaigns "brilliant marketing".

Card said that by way of the campaigns Sagicor was trying to be more direct in getting people to understand the importance of what they were doing and their messaging.


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