Saturday 22 February, 2020

Sales up as BADMC Carmeta’s pushes local first to lower imports

The beef ham and pork ham are selling like hot cakes.

The beef ham and pork ham are selling like hot cakes.

Next year may be a year of fewer imports as Barbadian farmers are pushed to deliver more local meats to meet the demands on island.

“We have been talking to persons maybe about purchasing more local ducks, rabbits and a lot more animals from the local sector as opposed to having to do the imports."

Days ahead of Christmas, this wish was expressed by the Deputy CEO at the Barbados Agricultural Development & Marketing Corporation (BADMC), Glendene Bartlett to Loop Business

Speaking at the Fairy Valley Plantation House location in Christ Church she said sales were going steady, however, they are better at the Cheapside location so far.

"The beef ham and the pork ham have been going very well, especially at our shop at Bridgetown. This shop is still a work in progress. We’re still doing the marketing for this shop. Everyone is not aware that the shop is still open. But it has been doing well.

"The value-added products we’ve been doing well with those also. Then there are the other imported products, they usually do well at this time also. So everything has been going well."

In the imports, turkey is a hot-seller. "Turkey wings would be imported sales. They have been going well, it’s just that at Christmas persons usually look for like turkey as opposed to turkey wings, but those too have been going good too," she disclosed.

But she reiterated, "Like I said, this year we are trying to push the local products that’s why we’re pushing the ham, the beef, the lamb, the pork ham, the beef ham."

She made mention of a turkey ham that's currently on sale from abroad, but she said that it is her desire to see a local version soon. “Hopefully by next year, we will have a local turkey ham, cause we are looking to go into other local products like the same turkey ham, maybe some chicken, some smoked chicken…Persons like smoked turkey but I find that we don’t sell a lot of it. We have to try to build that market. 

"So that is one of the reasons why we decided we would do more processed meats, because we do import a lot of processed meats here." 

At present, she confessed that imports for 2018 were "on par with last year, but like I said, going forward we are hoping that we can do more with the local that we can cancel out some of the imported."

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