Friday 6 December, 2019

Say 'Cheese'! MV Dream Chaser upping security and safety

John Moore

John Moore

Issa new vibe on board the MV Dream Chaser going forward as patrons can expect enhanced security measures and better surveillance.

Captain and co-owner John Moore told Loop News that cameras are being installed "all over the vessel". He was speaking today, two days after the unforeseen incident onboard the vessel on Sunday, June 17, 2018. Though a cruise still sailed unimpacted immediately afterward, he said that the team and security detail did a post-mortem of the event which ended bloody, and came up with strategies to possibly avoid a repeat in the future.

Moore was interviewed at the MV Dream Chaser office in Bridgetown, and he said that some of the cameras are hooked up already. However, he added that they will be used not only to monitor the crowds in case there is a need for reviews later, but after the fact that during a previous Crop Over season a patron fell overboard a vessel, and more recently someone fell off another party boat, the MV Dream Chaser is not waiting until too late or after the fact to act in a way so as to prevent such an incident as it relates to their vessel. 

He said, "Only yesterday we didn't have cameras on board, but today we just took the boat to install cameras. So hopefully by next week we should have cameras aboard the vessel to at least review things that could have gone wrong and see how best we can improve on that. So we have actually invested in some cameras...

"And actually we are going to have cameras all around, all over the vessel to catch something like that."

For persons who were asking about First Aid onboard, he reiterated that he along with other crew members are certified in First Aid and there's even a trained, certified lifeguard on board.

Moore says that any fallout from the move to enforce their new no glass policy has to be overlooked as safety is paramount. He said that for cooler-type cruises there has been a standard no glass policy, however, at the onboard bar during regular party cruises they were serving glass bottles still as they were cognisant of the fact that cruises start late and the time it takes to transfer liquor to plastic bottles was creating a bottleneck, delaying patrons from enjoying themselves. But he asserted that asking patrons to wait in line a little longer for beverages in plastic bottles now is a worthy tradeoff if it ensures safety and prevents tragedy in the long-run.

He said:

"We have a large number of people at the bar buying drinks so it actually slows down the process. Cruises don't actually leave on time, so with more cruises you are actually pressed for the time. So sometimes you have barely two hours out there and with a process where you have to transfer to plastic takes a while. It leads to congestion. Soo we kinda like put that behind us and try to get along with the cruises, but based on what took place on Sunday, obviously, we have to more so reinforce it."

In addition, the team at MV Dream Chaser is at present drafting a letter to present to the Commissioner of Police to open discussions about uniformed marine police on some cruises in the future. Asked if he believes that this move will be met with some pushback from some patrons, he said, "Well, in my opinion, if you have a police presence, you should feel a lot safer."

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