Monday 22 July, 2019

Schools not ready

Teachers are back in the classroom and yet some school facilities are still under construction.

The Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) today told Loop News they are keeping a watchful eye on the repairs and construction still occurring at some schools around the island.

With the new academic year set to start in six days, the President of the Barbados Union of Teachers, Pedro Shepherd said that they will be conducting more site visits to ensure that schools are ready for teaching and learning on Monday.

Shepherd said:

“There is still some work going on at some schools but hopefully given that we still have a week to finish before the students come the work will be finished and any scents from painting and so on would be gone, dissipated and so on over the weekend.”

After touring Westbury Primary School on Friday, he added:

“The school is still under major repairs, but the principal has made an arrangement with the Ministry to have the Planning Week there this week because of all the construction, the dust and the noise.

“So the Planning Week is supposed to be at the Ministry of Education this week, I don’t that is, but that is the arrangement that we told about when we visited.

“Hopefully we will tour it as a Union on Thursday. We’ll probably try to organise a tour to two or three of the schools, most likely there, St. Matthew’s and two others that had major repairs.”

Furthermore, he said that additional visits may be conducted on the first day of the school term as well.

“As we go in on Monday, September 12, we will make another assessment and see how ready the schools are.

“On Monday when teachers and students go in we will get teachers to feed in to us how ready the schools are, but there are teachers who are this week painting and pulling around furniture, taking down this and putting up that, so teachers are using this week too to complement the work being done by the Ministry to get the schools ready for Monday next week,” he added.

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