Wednesday 14 November, 2018

Scuffle with guard lands man in Dodds

The choice of surrender over picking a fight with a security guard could have worked in the favour of an offender.

Unfortunately, the court heard 41-year-old Aliston Obrien Rock grabbed the throat of the guard and pulled an ice pick on him. The guard had seen Rock take a pack of biscuits from the aisle of a Massy Store and was keeping him under observation when Rock became annoyed.

After the scuffle with the ice pick, Rock ran but was caught sometime later by police.

"Sir, I got lil problem with drugs," Rock, an outpatient at the Psychiatric Hospital, told the court yesterday.

He said he had been trying to seek help but was unsuccessful.

"I've been struggling for years and trying to keep on track in the law's eyes but keep getting into mischief," he said.

He suggested the court send him to Verdun House. However, the court heard Rock was already given that opportunity.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick said if Rock has surrendered instead of fighting the punishment might have been less.

"You're a danger to the public...if you had surrendered to the guard you'd be ok but you fought."

He sentenced him to six months in prison and admonished Rock to "do something better with [his] life".

"Look in the mirror and see you can do better."



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