Thursday 9 April, 2020

Second day of power outages cause greater water woes

Update: 12.45 pm

Four pumping stations back up.

Thanking the Barbados Light and Power Company, the Barbados Water Authority is happy to report that power has been restored at four stations and three other facilities are back in operation as well to help service the island.

The notice stated:

The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) wishes to advise the public that the following stations are back online using standby generators – Hampton, New Market,Bowmanston and Alleynedale. The facilities at the Belle,St. Stephens and Half Acre are also back online thanks to electricity from the Barbados Light & Power Company (BLPC).

Customers are reminded that water pressure will be restored gradually to the areas fed from these locations as the distribution network recovers.

Work is in progress at Lodge Hill, Waterford, Whim, Haymans, Sweet Vale and the Ionics Desalination Plant with a view to getting them online during the afternoontoday Tuesday. Do note that this is largely dependent on the restoration of a stable electrical supply to these stations.

The Authority continues to thank its valued customers who are currently still suffering water outages for their patience during this period of inconvenience.

Customers who have tap borne water are reminded to collect and store some in the event that the outages continue or recur. We are still within the Hurricane Season and persons should collect five gallons per person, per household per day.

BWA’s water tanker crews which began assisting customers this morning at 5.00 am will continue to work to meet the demand throughout the day and into tonight. Please bear with the Barbados Water Authority as it seeks to attend to the essential services and most vulnerable first.

Update: 10.45 am

Water works was diligently striving to restore services in the face of an all-day power outage but a second day of outages has retarded plans.

The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) apologised to customers who are currently still suffering a water outage.

The Authority issued the following update:

The power outage which occurred this morning has impacted our pumping stations which last night were systematically being put back on line. 

The process will begin again once power has been restored. However, in the interim we ask customers who are still receiving water to please collect and store the same in the event that the outages continue or recur.

All our water tanker crews began service again this morning at 5.00 am and will work to assist persons inthose areas without running water during the day and into tonight as the team continues to work to meet the demand.

However, customers are reminded that low reservoir levels persist as the distribution network recovers.

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