Thursday 13 August, 2020

Secret's out: Slick Woods and Rihanna are ‘family’

Rihanna and Slick Woods (Instgram @slickwoods)

Rihanna and Slick Woods (Instgram @slickwoods)

Family is more than blood relations and loyalty is not just a word. Ask Slick Woods!

People may assume that Rihanna’s muse Slick Woods loves her or they may have gotten the hint from her Instagram captions and photos, but if they need more confirmation, Slick confessed her gratitude, loyalty and undying love majorly to Allure magazine.

Slick Woods and Rihanna are more than model and boss

Brennan Kilbane wrote a piece for Allure published online today, September 17, called ‘To Rihanna, With Love: Five Open Letters to Our 2018 Best of Beauty Cover Star’. One of the letters was penned by Slick.

Slick wrote:

“Dear Rih,

I met you during the Fenty Puma Season 2 show in Paris — it was my first time out of the country. I always thought your sh*t was made for me, and I wanted nothing more than to model for you, so hearing that I was cast in your show had me ecstatic. That you continued to use me was just surreal — business turned family real quick.

You introduced me to a more mainstream level of exposure. I was famous for all of the wrong reasons before. People loved the idea of Slick, but you gave me countless platforms to let people actually fall in love with who I am. You made inclusivity cool, and that’s revolutionary. Now people are putting money toward inclusion, rather than putting money toward a certain supremacy. It’s a beautiful switch in pace. You have my loyalty until the end of time.

My gratitude for the growth, love, and support you’ve put in my life will never subside. You are a true angel and the most multifaceted, immortal boss I’ve ever met. I’m so thankful for you. But you knew dat.

— Slick Woods, model”

It wasn’t the first time she expressed her gratitude and loyalty though. One other standout time was for Rih’s 29th birthday in 2017. Slick captioned a photo:

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‘Happy birthday to the queen, so much gratitude and loyalty to this woman. Thank you so much for taking over the world and showing black women what they can do. We were taught to feel inadequate at birth, please keep paving the way for black girl magic to blossom. Love who you are and what you do, don't ever change baby and yes Ima dye my mustache too this time since you a comedian lmao’.

And last month, Rihanna posted a photo with a then pregnant Slick Woods and captioned it, ‘saphir, aunty can’t wait to meet you.’ But this time around, it was Slick who labelled their bond as a familial one. Slick went into labor at Rihanna’s Fenty x Savage NYFW show last week and delivered her healthy baby boy – Saphir. The two – Slick and Rihanna, are now connected in even more ways.

The other four letters were written by Cynde Watson, makeup-brand founder (Dear Rihanna); Kim Johnson, superfan (Dear Robyn); Ateh Jewel, writer and blogger (Dear Rihanna); and Ashley C. Ford, writer, talk-show host, and speaker.

Forde wrote an appreciation letter titled, ‘A Thank-You Letter to Rihanna From My Inner Bad Girl.’

The article by Kilbane also appears originally in the October 2018 Allure Magazine which features Rihanna on the cover.

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