Tuesday 11 December, 2018

Sentenced man says he took beers to sell and get money for food

An unemployed man who stole 16 Banks beers from a Sol Service station said he did it because he was hungry.

This was the reason Kevin Leondre Clark gave the court Monday when asked to explain his actions.

The 39-year-old of Deacons Court, Deacons, St. Michael went to the service station in Bank Hall, St. Michael on Saturday and took the $47-worth of alcoholic beverages without paying. Police caught Clark in the same area with the beers.

"I was having a problem finding food so I took the beers to sell to make money," Clark told Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

When asked about his predicament, Clark said that he lost a grandmother he once resided with.

"You are a big man, you don't have to rely on your grandmother," the magistrate responded.

Clark told the court that he sold fruits at one point but someone stole his bicycle.

When asked how he felt about his bicycle being stolen he said he was "not particularly sad".

"Thief from a thief makes God laugh,"  the magistrate quoted.

Clark then alerted the court to the fact that he had been "out of trouble" for some time. However, the magistrate said that his record did not reflect such.

The court heard that Clark had been placed on a six-month bond back in August and as a result, he was asked to pay $750 forthwith, however, he did not have the money. The alternative sentence of two months was then activated and six months was added for today's charge.

Clark asked the magistrate for the chance to leave the court and bring back the money.

"You know what forthwith mean? It means pay now," the magistrate replied.


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