Monday 1 June, 2020

Sewage issue puts Chicken Barn staff in limbo, price increase expected

Director of Chicken Barn Ltd., Paul Hynam.

Director of Chicken Barn Ltd., Paul Hynam.

The sewage issues plaguing the South Coast of Barbados are taking a toll on Chicken Barn - Worthing.  

Word of this came from Director of the company, Paul Hynam.

He was speaking to Loop News on the sidelines of the prize-giving ceremony for their 2017 Independence Treasure Hunt promotions.

Hynam is among a number of business persons who have joined with residents of the Hastings to Worthing, Christ Church stretch, seeking an urgent solution to the matter. 

Meanwhile, officials from the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) have declared the situation as a national crisis, stressing that they are working to resolve it, while warning that it will not be an easy fix.

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Chicken Barn's branch in Worthing, Christ Church was closed over the weekend, as sewage water continued to leak onto the property with a pungent smell. Hynam explained that the situation was uncomfortable, adding that they could not allow staff to continue to work in those conditions daily. He told Loop News that those employees are now working at other branches:

"Fourteen employees are being incorporated into the other five branches temporarily, until the end of this year."

He, however, noted that what happens with regard to the staff complement within his establishment in 2018 is primarily dependent on whether the BWA is able to acquire a sewer backflow valve, which should address the problem of overflows onto the Worthing restaurant:

"Hopefully we will get the valve installed. That will give us a solution to the immediate problem that we are having with the sewage water flowing onto our property.

"If the issue is not resolved by then we may have to look at maybe laying them off."

He further lamented that "last check, it [the sewer backflow valve] was still in Miami, but it's [supposedly] on its way. It has been on its way for quite a while."

The company's challenges are further compounded by the increase in taxes in Barbados, which many businesses stress threatens their survival.

Hynam explained that the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) has drastically increased Chicken Barn's cost of doing business, "We've had a significant increase in doing business. We have to look at increasing our prices." When asked about the restaurant's future he reiterated his point, "We will have to look at increasing our prices because of the cost of doing business."

Today's event saw first prize winner, Kela Marshall and second prize winner, Kegan Cumberbatch, collect their winnings of $2000 and a 55" television compliments of Courts (Barbados) Ltd. respectively. 

(L-R) Directors of Chicken Barn Ltd., Peter Hynam; first prize winner, Kela Marshall; second prize winner, Kegan Cumberbatch; Representative from Courts, Tisha Dhalye; and Director of Chicken Barn Ltd., Paul Hynam.

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