Tuesday 29 September, 2020

She began studying Law but Jameela's passion led her to HR Management

Jameela Hollingsworth, the HR Boss.

Jameela Hollingsworth, the HR Boss.

Jameela Hollingsworth has redefined what it means to be a Human Resource Manager in this generation.

Though she has been working in Human Resources Management for nine years, one of which was for the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI), Jameela felt as though she had more to offer to, not just Barbadian youth, but the Caribbean at large.

In 2016, she envisioned a platform where Caribbean youth could get the most out of their careers. This is when she decided to create the HR Boss brand.

Jameela sees herself as a millennial HR person.

“I don’t have the typical look or feel of an HR Manager…so when people see me in my capacity as a small HR Consultant or see me in my capacity as an HR Manager for BTMI, I think people kinda take a step back to ask how old are you and how long have you been doing this”.

She spoke to Loop Lifestyle as to what she believes the future world of work will entail and one factor stood out - technology.

Hollingsworth stated that the future world of work will be infused with technology. Desk jobs will be a thing of the past and working from home will become the new office. In 10 years, she feels as though persons who are quicker to adapt to digital work will be better assets in the workplace than those who are holding fast to the belief of coming to an office everyday and wearing a suit.

Due to her love and strong beliefs in using technology, she sees the HR Boss being a pioneer for the use of technology in the workplace. In this regard, Jameela already conducts online courses for her clients and is hopeful of building on this venture. She finds that this area is highly important especially now that COVID-19 has become a global pandemic.

Jameela not only has plans for the HR Boss in 10 years, but she has personal goals that she wishes to accomplish during this time.

“I think I want to be a thought leader in the industry, not just in the region but internationally. I think I’m pretty well known in Barbados and in the Caribbean, but I think internationally I see myself being a go-to expert in terms of HR and basically the future of work.

Regardless of the fact that Jameela has branded herself as the HR Boss, this was not her original career path. She began her studies pursuing a degree in Law at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

“It’s not that I wasn’t good at it, but I wasn’t inspired to use the Law Library a lot. I like socialising and talking to people and seeing what makes people tick. I’m not a psychologist…but I really do like understanding how teams work and understanding the construct of teams which really meant that I had a love for HR and team dynamics”.

After Jameela made this life-changing discovery about herself, she transferred to the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus to pursue a degree in Human Resources Management. She later completed her Graduate degree in Business Administration.

“I have a love for people. At the age of 20 years old I kinda knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Not acting as though it was smooth sailing after picking HR, Jameela admitted that she wasn’t always the best at balancing her social life and her work life. However, she’s now in a new relationship and ensures to manage her time properly. She keeps a schedule of everything to ensure that she doesn’t neglect any of her responsibilities.

“Everything is scheduled like when I eat, when I get my nails done and even date night. I’m very big on time management. When I was first starting my business, I didn’t have time to work-out so it affected my health and I didn’t have time to see my friends”.

This is why she made a conscious effort to prioritise her time efficiently.

When asked about how to advise other women as to how to be their own boss, Jameela’s answer was pretty simple.

“I would say that if you want to do it, do it with all that you have. I don’t think that you should do anything half-heartedly because if you go into it with doubt, the rough months that will come or the first difficult client, you will give up”.

In essence she urged once you're passionate about it and good at it, regardless of what it is, "aim for it".

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