Wednesday 15 July, 2020

Shock a Bajan - get one of these 10 reactions

Rihanna (FILE)

Rihanna (FILE)

Bajan reactions do not compare to any other nationalities.

Tell a Bajan good news, or bad news, gossip or facts, and you can be met with any of the following reactions in a heartbeat. Do not take offence, it's just Bajans. After they calm down you will get a response, but first they must... REACT LIKE A BAJAN!

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1. Be Jesus

Mary: You know that man horn she again and get another girl pregnant again?

Sue: Be Jesus!

2. Man WtR

Henry: I like this girl right, she red and...

Jared: Man WtR ... you can't be serious? A red woman?!

3. You's uh c***

Shakira: So he come back by me last night telling me he want uh nedda try...

Daphne: You's uh c***? All de time so?

4. Yuh lie

Ruth: Believe Timmy getting married next munt?

Dorothy: Yuh lie, not buckteet, poxy foot Timmy

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5. Fuh trute trute

Harriet: So Susan got a new man

Gwen: Fuh trute trute

6. Stupseeee

Judy: I feel I gonna done wid Mark

Marcia: Hush do. Stupseee. Every udda week dat is you

7. Jesus Christ man

Nigel: You know I went home and some man car was park at me

Joseph: Jesus Christ man!

8. Cheese on bread-ers

Kim: My mudda like she fuh get me at dis school

Peter: Cheese on bread-ers, dat happen to me last Tuesduh

9. Cawblennn

Timothy: So Trina pregnant dawg

Garry: Cawblennn

10. Piss in muh pocket

George: John hit he new truck. But dat aint eediat was driving by he ex house

Nathan: Piss in muh pocket... I thought he don't check fuh she. 

How do you react?

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