Friday 30 October, 2020

Simon Cowell donates US $250 000 to K9 Friends Barbados

(File Photo)

(File Photo)

-by Linda Branch 

British entertainment mogul Simon Cowell’s soft spot for the canine kind in Barbados has prompted him to make a charitable donation. 

Representative of K9 Friends Barbados, Karen Rasmussen revealed the hefty US $250,000 donation to be made by the quick-witted TV personality to the charity via social media. 

“I cannot believe how one man can be so generous!” wrote Rasmussen in a post to the Facebook page of the pet adoption service and clinic. “I can’t stop crying. Tonight, Simon Cowell asked me how much we needed to run the clinic for the year, and I told him $250 thousand us dollars. He has given us that amount!”

K9 Friends Barbados held its charity auction on Saturday, December 28 at The Clubhouse, Royal Westmoreland in St James. Cowell and his wife Lauren Silverman are patrons of K9 Friends Barbados. The couple was highlighted prominently in the promotional flyer for the charity auction event, sponsored by Wine World and Royal Westmoreland, with a displayed photo of the two of them engaging with a cute little puppy. The same photo is banner displayed on the Facebook home page of the charity.

“A big thank you to Simon. You have made my year!!!!,” stated Rasmussen in her post, which generated additional expressions of appreciation for Cowell’s significant donation from other post readers.

Cowell, an annual visitor to the island for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season, has always taken time out of his vacation each time he has visited to lend charitable support to local charities focused on canine welfare.

According to its Facebook page, K9 Friends (Barbados) was founded in 2014 to “bring some cohesion to all the different groups and charities on the island that deal in canine welfare.” It further states that the charity is “looking to work with others and provide funding for projects, particularly those associated with education and neutering.”

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