Monday 26 October, 2020

‘Simplicity works’ - RPB’s winning formula

2017 Sweet Soca Monarch Red Plastic Bag.

2017 Sweet Soca Monarch Red Plastic Bag.

With his second Sweet Soca title now under his belt, Stedson ‘Red Plastic Bag’ Wiltshire says simplicity is sometimes the best way to go.

Speaking to Loop News after his rocking performance of ‘Boat Ride’ that energised the entire Bushy Park arena on Sunday night, RPB said the song was simple, but cleverly written.

“I believe that art is such that if you can paint a picture where people can take different things from it, I think that you’re on to something,” he said.


He took the stage as the Admiral of a ship and incorporated elements of the Barbados Landship.

Explaining his presentation, he said, “The song is a simple song… what I wanted to do was present it in such a way that everyone would feel as if they are part of the boat. Rather than bringing a boat which restricts the visual and the performance in a way, I wanted to create a boat effect in the whole arena. That’s why I put up the mast, I set up the captain’s wheel so that people can feel that they are part of the boat – everybody feels as though they are sailors on this boat, rather than bringing an actual boat.”

Indeed, he even had sailors’ hats distributed through the crowd, turning the Soca Royale patrons into his obedient crew as he commanded them to rock left, right, forward and back.

Pointing out the symbolism in his presentation, RPB further explained, "The dropping of the Trident – that’s what anchors us. The Trident is significant and the Landship – the transition from land to sea, I wanted to blend the two together. Somebody asked why the sails didn't drop but in rough weather, the sails gotta be up. If you have the sails down, the ship would just blow all over the place; it would be more turbulent."

He concluded, “Simplicity works. The song is written in such a way where people can see it as about three different things and that’s what art is all about – it might be simple on the surface but there are many things that people can take from it. There may be several little undercurrents that may be driving the song right now simply because of the fact that it can be attached to several things. I might be singing about a boat, but there are several other things that might be rocking.”

RPB’s previously captured the Sweet Soca crown in 2011 with Once Upon A Wine.

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