Sunday 31 May, 2020

Sinckler: Country can't run without taxes

FILE - Finance Minister Chris Sinckler.

FILE - Finance Minister Chris Sinckler.

Finance Minister Christopher Sinckler has admitted that even he hates to pay taxes, but says it must be done if the country is to run smoothly.

Speaking to students and teachers who congregated this week at the Ellerslie Auditorium to witness the Prize-Giving Ceremony of The Caribbean  Organization for Tax Administrators 2017 Essay competition, Sinckler said taxes are not intended to spite anyone but to instead assist in better running sectors and the country as a whole.

Government, he emphasised, spends a substantial amount of money on sectors such as health and education, sectors that will not be in existence if some form of taxes is not paid.

"There are many things we have to do in Barbados including providing education. Between education and health care take up a substantial amount of government expenditure and budget. The only way government can get money, is when they levy taxes and duties on its citizens whether individuals or companies," he said.

Sinckler says while they need to look at ways to reduce taxes, there are many things that must be addressed.

"In order to do that we need to be more productive as a country, we need to spend less time talking and more time doing. We need to protect our environment. We need to ensure that those things which are provided for us like this infrastructure here (referring to Ellerslie School), that it is kept in good keep so that the Government does not have to continue spending money on it when you destroy this and destroy that," he implored the students.

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