Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Six local creative Instagram pages inspiring people in lockdown

Instagram stock photo

Instagram stock photo

One of the good things to emerge out of the chaos of lockdown has been the ingenious and creative ways people have been utilizing social media.

From Instagram Live battles, to innovative styled talk shows and concerts, people online have fully capitalized on the mechanisms of the internet for our entertainment and education. 

Honestly, whatever your background or interests, there is something for everyone and tons of inspirational and motivational people online to follow. 

With that in mind, here are a few of Loop's top picks on things you can check out on social media to keep you inspired and occupied from Barbadian creatives. 


  1. Shinebarbados on Instagram is normally a resource for access and information on automotive care and detailing, however, the effects of COVID-19 caused entrepreneur and owner of Shine Barbados, Dario Greenidge to look at the future of business with his Life After COVID series on Shinebarbados' Instagram. Talking to other entrepreneurs in Barbados, it offers insights into how we can recover going forward in the world of business after the pandemic. 
  2. RiddimTribe is known for their amazing choreography and modern styles of innovating dance culture and movement across not only Barbados but the globe. Since the lockdown, they have not stopped pushing the envelope by keeping the movement alive with various workouts and dance choreography classes done virtually and attracting people of all walks of life to be a part of their Riddim Tribe. 
  3. Mayersmedia from broadcaster Rachelle Mayers has turned the teleconferencing software Zoom into a launchpad for innovative interviewing with her show Zoomed In. On it she talks to numerous practitioners and individuals about how best we can navigate the world in this social distancing era. 
  4. Emarie Eatery has been very much determined to make you eat with your eyes online and give you the option of getting just what you desire. The Instagram eatery has done just what many other restaurants and food businesses have had to and mobilized to allow for food delivery and pick up. But with a beautiful mix of food photography and accessible foods that make you feel like you can make these too, you get the option of either DMing for theirs or making your own. 
  5. WuhGineOn has been steady with their artistic support and push during this crisis and have very much paved the way for local online open mic scenes to be a thing even after all this dies down. Empress Zhinga and her husband, DJ Simmons have continued their unwavering support of Bajan Artists and letting the world know we got nuff tings Gine On. 
  6. TheXionNetwork has also been trying to inspire artists with their online art and story challenges as well as their artist spotlights. The community takes pride in highlighting local as well as regional artists and players, from the beginner to professional artists, and has been a great connecting force in the wake of COVID-19 for those looking for artistic inspiration.



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