Sunday 25 October, 2020

Sky Mall marks parking spaces for Parents with children under 5

Parking signs in the parking lot of Sky Mall

Parking signs in the parking lot of Sky Mall

Relief in the form of specially marked parking spaces at Sky Mall is here for drivers who are mothers and fathers with children under five years old.

The Haggatt Hall-located shopping mall and food court has four of these new reserved parking spaces so far and four more are in the works to be added. At present the four spaces are situated on the West and the additional four are to be added near the South entrance. The signage was erected about two weeks now.

Speaking to Loop News today (September 1), Operations Director Everick Eastmond said that the spaces came as a direct result of observation and after consulting with customers. 

He said:

"It comes from customers. We would have assessed the situation to meet the satisfaction of the customers." He said after "observing and asking people what they want and of course we got some Baby Stores inside that would have helped us to sort of pilot it. So we thought that we do it and put it out there."

So far he said that it seems to be garnering positive responses, however, he said that its efficiency and success are dependent on the public obeying the signs and respecting the spaces.

"Hopefully we can get people to comply with it, because as you know just with anything you need to get people to comply with it because people would go and park there."

Eastmond also highlighted that they took care to say that the spaces are for parents, not just mothers. He said that this decision was taken because a father or guardian can also be challenged with the baby or children under the age of five years old. Therefore, the spaces are reserved not just for pregnant mothers as some people were assuming.

In this time of COVID-19, the larger spaces will also give pregnant women more space to manoeuvre without coming into contact with the vehicles beside theirs. The sizing also would help to reduce the chances of toddlers touching other people's vehicles while their parents worry about sanitization. 

Eastmond said that they are just "trying to make the place as convenient as possible for this segment of the market during these times."

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